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About us

Founded in 1982, Cornic – Novamer are a top-ranking player in the import-export and sourcing of frozen seafood.

The products

Cornic-Novamer specialise in the sourcing of the following seafood products:

– Scallops
– Cod
– Saithe
– Mussels
– Salmon
– Hake
– Haddock








Industrial services

Cornic-Novamer has optimised the quality of it’s products through the integration of rigorous quality control and the development of the highest quality packaging and storage.

Corporate social and environmental responsibility

Cornic-Novamer offers a range of eco-certified products from responsible and reliable sectors. Our quality requirements and the controls carried out by our own laboratory guarantee healthy and regular products, to suit the need of our clients.

Frozen cod loins

Frozen cod loins

We offer you this exclusive : COD LOINS, FROZEN AT SEA
Preserving the qualities of a freshly caught fish
– The fish is processed on board, fresh frozen within 2 hours.
– Loins are cut and calibrated on board, using state-of-the-art equipment.
– Freezing less than 2 hours after capture.

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Organic- products- our range has increased!

Organic- products- our range has increased!

Organic- products- our range has increased! Following our mussels and Atlantic salmon, our organic range now includes scallops!Starting in June 2019, our Peruvian scallops sourced from our partner ACUAPESCA are certified as organic.These are exclusively...

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